Academia Sinica Department of Information Technology Services

ADSL Service


The Department of Information Technology Services provides Academia Sinica with ADSL service over the Taipei Metropolitan Area (the area code 02), allowing fellow workers to connect to the high speed network of Academia Sinica though ADSL at home and continue with their research work. Features as following:

  1. Bi-directional data transfer: Download speed per second is 256Kbps~2048Kbps; upload speed per second is 64Kbps~512Kbps. Fellow workers may choose a speed appropriate for their requirements. For details on fees for various speeds, please refer to Chunghwa Telecom's ADSL monthly fee table.
  2. Dual purpose cable: ADSL can be used for both telephone and network communication.
  3. Always-on connection: Users can go online anytime with no need for a dial-up connection.
  4. Economical connection: Fellow workers of Academia Sinica only have to pay the basic ADSL circuit monthly fee, no other fees will be charged for network connection.

Application Form

Application qualifications and requirements

  1. ADSL service can be applied by employees of Academia Sinica only: This service shall only be provided to those with "Employee ID" issued by the Central Administration Office, and not to those with only "Temporary ID".
  2. During employment, each user may only apply for one ADSL service.
  3. When using this service, follow the rules listed in the Computer and Network Usage Regulations of Academia Sinica.
  4. This service will no longer be provided for users who resign from Academia Sinica. Please submit "Terminate service" or "Change ISP" to Chunghwa Telecom within two weeks after departure.

Application procedures

  1. Please download and fill out the "ADSL Service Registration Form" of Academia Sinica, authorized by organizational manager or director of M.I.S., and then deliver the application form along with a copy of "Employee ID" to the Department of Information Technology Services for IP registration.
  2. The "ADSL IP Notification" of Department of Information Technology Services will be sent to the email address specified by applicants to notify them of assigned IP address.
  3. When users receive the message mentioned above, please fill in the IP data in the corresponding fields on the "Chunghwa Telecom ADSL Rental Application Form".
  4. Bring the "Chunghwa Telecom ADSL Rental Application Form", a copy of Identification Card from the telephone owner, and the owner's personal seal to the local Chunghwa Telecom service site. (We recommend that the nearest Chunghwa Telecom's Nankang service site, opposite the Nankang train station).
  5. Wait for the installation schedule notified by Chunghwa Telecom; users should be at home during ADSL installation.

How to use

To provide more convenience for internet connection, the Department of Information Technology Services has provided ADSL user with fixed IP. This allows computers in Academia Sinica and computers at homes could connect to each other. Internet configurations are very simple; please follow the contents of the ˇ§ADSL IP Notificationˇ¨:

IP Address: (such as
Gateway: (such as
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:

You will be able to connect to the Internet after the configuration done.


Q1. Which areas are suitable to apply ADSL service>>
A1: This service is only available in all areas with a telephone area code of 02, such as Taipei City, Taipei County and Keelung City.
Q2. How fast is the download speed provided by Academia Sinica>>
A2: 2 Mbps (2048 kbps).
Q3. May I fill out the ADSL application form in English>>
A3: No, Chunghwa Telecomˇ¦s ADSL service can only process application forms filled out in Chinese. If you need assistance, please ask your colleague to help you fill out the application form.

Contact Information

  • Team: Network Team
  • Phone: (02)2789-9490
  • E-mail: